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ADV7625 Design Support Files

The ADV7625 is a 5-input, 2-output HDMI crosspoint transceiver with character- and icon-based OSD.

This page contains the key support documents and configuration settings that a user of the ADV7625 requires; these are attached and linked

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Product Support Item Description
ADV7625 Product Page Link to Product Page
ADV7625 Datasheet Link to ADV7625 Datasheet
Additional Support Documents
ADV7625 Hardware Manual Hardware Manual containing descriptions of the salient controls and their functions
(see file attached below)
ADV7625 Register Control Manual Register Control Manual containing descriptions of the register maps
(see file attached below)
Script file
ADV7625-26-27_Ver1.0.txt ADV7625/26/27 Scriptfile Version 1.0
Configuration scripts for ADV7625, ADV7626 and ADV7627.
(file attached below)
Evaluation Board  AdvantivTm EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ Video Evaluation Board 
ADV7625 Evaluation Board Schematic

Evaluation board reference schematic

ADV7625 Evaluation Board Layout Evaluation board reference layout
OSD Software

Blimp for ADV7625 is available for download from

Blimp OSD Designer tool for NatureVueTm ADV800x and AdvantivRegistered ADV7625 

Blimp Documentation

Blimp user manual and framework documents.

Please refer to Blimp OSD Designer tool for NatureVueTm ADV800x and AdvantivRegistered ADV7625