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Restrictions Relating to the Distribution of HDCP-Enabled Parts

This post describes restrictions which apply to Analog Devices' HDMI receiver and transceiver products which have the capability to decrypt content that is protected with HDCP and contain embedded HDCP keys. 


High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is used with HDMI “to protect high-value digital motion pictures, television programs and audio against unauthorized interception and copying between a digital set top box or digital video recorder and a digital TV or PC” (source - 


The HDCP License Agreement ( dictates how Analog Devices can sell products. 


Analog Devices can sell these products only to HDCP Adopters.  Analog Devices verifies that the purchaser of decryption-capable products is a current HDCP adopter by checking the HDCP adopters list (  This restriction applies to products that are purchased as individual components as well as when a product is part of an evaluation or demonstration board. For orders placed with Analog Devices distributors, the distributor is the purchaser.  Many of Analog Devices distributors are licensed has an HDCP Reseller or an HDCP 2.x Reseller and these orders will be shipped to the distributor because they are a valid HDCP licensee.  These distributors are responsible for complying with their HDCP license.


For further questions, please contact your Analog Device sales office or distributor.  To become an HDCP licensee, please contact Digital Content Protection LLC (