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What are the differences between ADV7610 and ADV7611?

The ADV7610 and ADV7611 products are very similar in functionality but they come in very different packages:

* The ADV7611 comes in a 64-Lead Low Profile Quad Flat Package (LQFP_EP) with an exposed pad in the center of the package for Ground.

* The ADV7610 comes in a 76-Lead Chip Scale Package Ball Grid Array (CSP_BGA).

Since the ADV7610 package has more pins, it has some functionality that the ADV7611 does not:

* The ADV7610 has a Chip Select (CS#) pin whereas the ADV7611 does not.

* The ADV7610 has 4 Audio Output pins whereas the ADV7611 only has 1 Audio Output pin.