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ADV7613 Design Support Files

Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7613 HDMI receiver to LVDS (OpenLDI) bridge chip.

File      Content
Product Page Link to Product Web Page on
Datasheet Link to ADV7613 Datasheet on
Device Manual User Guide Link to ADV7613 Device Manual User Guide on
Register Control Manual Link to ADV7613 Register Control Manual (Documentation of the Register Maps) on
Evaluation Board User Guide Link to ADV7613 Evaluation Board User Guide on
Recommended Settings Guide ADV7613 Recommended Settings Guide (Download ADV7613_Recommended_Settings_Guide.pdf)
V5.1 IBIS Model ADV7613 IBIS Model (Download
EVAL-ADV7613FEBZ Schematic ADV7613 Evaluation Board Reference Schematics (Download EVAL-ADV7613FEBZ_Schematic.pdf)
EVAL-ADV7613FEB1Z Layout ADV7613 Evaluation Board Reference Layout (Download
Evaluation Software Evaluation Software for the ADV7613 Evaluation Board (Download
Evaluation Software ADV7613 Board Files
ADV7613 Board Files for use with the Evaluation Software (Download
  • The XRC Ver2p0 RC2 installation is XRC, but the quick start guide (QSG) document link on the launch page refers to this as "DVP eval s/w QSG", and then opens a document entitled "XRC s/w QSG", but it's not actually an XRC document, but rather it is "DEPL eval kit s/w QSG".  (DEPL software is the predecessor to XRC.)
      The only mention of "XRC" is mention of "ATV XRC" that comes on an accompanying CD.  The guide is at rev "Pr0" and dates back to 2007, and it doesn't describe XRCs development over the following years to use board files and allow drag-&-drop loading of them.  The example snapshots feature the old NRND parts AD9880 and AD9889B.
      Surely there must be a newer XRC guide that we should be including in the package?  Ideally, the link should be labeled simply "XRC eval s/w QSG", rather than introducing the defunct term for the video group.

  • Guenter pointed me to Samtec part numbers printed in the schematic, from which I then found the part on the vendor's site.  This should be sufficient info for the connector issue.

  • FYI, I just noticed that the XRC installation file that is zipped for download on this page has the name "XRC.exe", and that after running this file to install XRC, the program launch executable is also called "XRC.exe".  This dual name usage can get confusing, so I'd suggest that the installation file should be renamed to something different - e.g. similar to the ZIP file name itself.

  • The ADV7613 eval board includes LVDS connectors, but this website and its eval user guide does not have BOM info needed to build a mating cable.  Can someone provide track down and post this information?