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AD9882_HDCP detection


When I use the AD9882, it can automatically decrypt the incoming HDCP signal.
Also, this chip can process the normal non-HDCP signal too. Just a quick
question, how can I know whether the incoming signal is HDCP or not for AD9882.
How can I use i2c register to read those information.


There is an external pin on the AD9882 which indicates if there is HDCP content - and

that is the CTL3 pin (pin 25).  This CTL3 signal has been assigned to HDCP encoded data.
If you are designing a repeater using the AD9882, this will only work with a
non-HDCP signal as the HDCP transmitter must know of all the 'down-stream' Rx
devices and their keys.  As far was we know, it is not possible to perform the
data collection and manipulation necessary for a valid DVI-HDCP repeater using
a receiver (such as the AD9882) which is not repeater enabled.  If you wish to
re-transmit non-HDCP encoded data, that is permissible.