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AD9978: could i control the output current of the AAD9978?

I would like to control the output current of the LVDS OutPut Pins - is there a
way of doing it?


I was looking through design documents and found a different way to use the
test registers- they can directly change the drive current in the drivers this

address 0xA2 bit[ 5] = 1 (to enable test mode)
adderss 0xA2 bits [7:6] = keep set to zero
address 0xA2 bits [11:8] = output current control
0 : 1.0 mA
1 : 1.5 mA
2 : 2.0 mA  (default setting)
3 : 2.5 mA
4 : 3.0 mA
5 : 3.5 mA
6 : 4.0 mA