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defferent between AD9981 and AD80105Z

what defferent between AD9981 and AD80105Z


The AD80105 is a 110MHz version of the AD9981, however, it is not offered as a
standard catalog product.  The standard AD9981 is only offered at -80 and -95. 
The AD80105 is only offered to large volume customers.    Do you know how your
customer learned of the AD80105?
A better option would be the AD9984 which is scheduled to release in late
February 2006.  The AD9984 will have 3 speed grades:  100MHz, 140MHz and 170MHz
and is pin compatible with the AD9981 (with minor software and power supply
changes).  Please let me know if you would like samples or an evaluation kit.
The AD80105 is a 'special' of the AD9981 (rated at 110MHz) and as such it does
not have any different or special registers, hardware or software.  The only
difference is in 1 register when it is operated above 95MHz.  Below 95MHz, we
recommend setting R0x2D to 0xE8; above 95MHz, we recommend changing this
setting to 0xF0.  It is 100% pin compatible and 100% register compatible.