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ADDI7004 - not being able to move the video stream to the dark

with the function black clamp I have a problem. I would expect that the
ADDI7004 is changing the video stream to more dark after writing to Register
0x10 to 0x13. I of course use the CDS Mode and the register 0x02 is set to 0x01.

But it does not work. The video stream stays at the same bright level. I
expected tthe video stream to moved to the further dark.


You can try the minimum and maximum values in the CLAMPLEVEL register to verify
the operation. Yes, with the same fixed input signal, you should see the data
output increase or decrease. If this is not happening, try grounding the analog
inputs to the ADDI7004 and repeating the test. If it still doesn't work, it
could be a communication problem with the registers. If it does work with the
input grounded, then probably the CLPOB pulse is not in the correct location
and you need to try shifting the toggle positions.