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ADV212: Encoding and decoding of HD video

Have Analog Devices ever successfully performed encoding and decoding of HD
video using 2 ADV212s?
If so, do you also know:
- what HD formats were used?
- what frame / data rates were achieved?
- was the method for merging the compressed Y and C codestreams the same as
described in application note "ADV202 Y/CbCr Merge, Rev 0.1"?


Most of our customer applications involve doing HD with 2 ADV212s, it’s the
most common application.  There are many customers in Europe doing this.  2
ADV212 can do HD resolutions up to 1080p/30.  The frame rates are consistent
with the formats… 720p/60Hz, 1080i/60Hz, 720p/50Hz, etc.  The data rates are
dependent on the application but some pro video customers go up to 200Mbit/s…
and some go down to 5-10Mbit/s

Not all customers merge them, but many have used that app note as a guide.  We
use it in our wireless HD reference design and many customers have shipping
products based on it.   We just don’t guarantee the code as-is—customer will
need to adapt it to their particular configuration and application. For
example, it’s verilog and some customers prefer VHDL but they have to port it
on their own.  It expects a 32-bit bus… but some customers only use 16-bit
buses, etc