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ADV7171 evaluation board

I found 2 part number about ADV7171 EVB: ADV7171A-DBRD is now in production and
EVAL-ADV7171EB is obsolete.
but there is only the datasheet of obsolescence in the website. so could you
please share some information about the ADV7171A-DBRD and what is the
difference between the two boards.


The ADV7171-DBRD is a plug in module board for a black fin DSP motherboard.
This is not a stand alone Eval board for the ADV7171 encoder. It requires the
DSP  board in order to work.
We obsolete the ADV7171 stand alone board because we have alternative parts
I  suggest  looking at the more recent ADV7390/91/92/93 family or
ADV7340/41/42/43/44 family.