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Evaluation board EVAL-ADV7180LFEBZ

I've been looking to buy the evaluation board EVAL-ADV7180LFEBZ to test if it
is adequate for my application, however I can't find a definite answer for the
video outputs for this board. I know that the ADV7180 IC only outputs digital
video, but most of the pictures of this board show three analogue outputs for
component video.
Can you clarify me on that subject? What is the actual video output of the
evaluation board EVAL-ADV7180LFEBZ?


The ADV7180 outputs 8-bit digital video.

On the EVAL-ADV7180LFEBZ evaluation board we have placed an ADV7391 video
encoder. This receives the digital output of the adv7180 and converts it into
analog CVBS or YPrYb video.  This analog video is output from the board.

The EVAL-ADV7180LFEBZ evaluation board (this is the 40 lead variant) does have
8 test points that you can use to analyze the 8-bit digital output of the

The schematics for these evaluation boards are available on the ADV7180
engineering zone website.