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ADV7183B: Differences between ADV7183A and ADV7183B

I have a customer who uses the ADV7183A video decoder and has just heard that
this revision of the part is no longer recommended for new designs and is
replaced by the ADV7183B part.

Please can you tell me what the differences are and what changes, if any
(hardware/software), will have to be undertaken to use the B part on a board
designed for the A part.


The ADV 7183A and 7183B are pin compatible and are the same price. There has
been improvements made to the robustness to poor video sources like VCR in the
ADV7183B. Also the ADV7183b has an interrupt pin (A no-connect pin in the 83a)
to ease the need for continuous I2C polling of the device.

The 7183B does need different programming to the 7183a. There are programming
examples provided at the end of the ADV7183B datasheet (page 90). I have also
attached the ADV7183B changeover document which details the changes to the
register maps between the 83A and 83B.