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ADV7341: Which Standards does the ADV7341 Support

But I have some problem with: 1080psf23.98
It is not SMPTE 274M - N°11
As 1080psf23.98 is not define in CEA-861, timing used by ADV7341 are Embeded
TRS for all cases.

In ADV7341 I have seen in Register 0x30 special case for 1080Psf at 24 Hz, but
without more information.

Can you please clarify the use of psf in this chip?

You can have more detail on the following document:!!PDF-E.pdf

I did not use this standard (but one of our end custumer) have problems with
our implementation and the ADV7341. :
I think both frequency are possible: 74.25MHz and 74.25/1.001 MHz
-> See page 21 (pdf page 23) Item 6.9

In ADV7341 in witch case the Register 0x30(7:3)='10010' are used for?


The ADV7341 only supports the EXACT standards mentioned in Table 21 of the
ADV7341 datasheet. The ADV7341 does support 1080P23.98 but only for SMPTE 274M
No. 11. We do not support 1080P23.98 for ITU-R BT.709-5