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ADV7612 with internal HDCP key

Our target is to deliver system that supports also HDCP decoding. Is there any
possibility that we buy one chip sample with internal HDCP key, while we are
still not HDCP members?
I think we can sign and respect any needed NDA and explain complete project and
give info about our project and customer, all what is officially needed if such
a possibility exist.
We (probably) and our customer (for sure) plan to become HDCP members, but we
all would like to see and test the functional system before paying the HDCP
membership, this is our problem now.
Could you please recomend me some contact inside Analog Devices with who I
could discuss about the ADV7612  chip sample with internal HDCP key, to
understand what prerequisites we need to satisfy to use it in our prototype,
while we are still not HDCP members?


I checked internally if your sample request of ADV7612 including the HDCP key
would be possible. The rules on this are very clear. We cannot supply a HDCP Rx
part to any customer who is not a HDCP licensee. This is to avoid significant
legal culpability.