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ADV7482 Design Support Files

Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the ADV7482.

You can download zipped file collections.

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File Content
ADV7482 Product Page Link to Product Information Web Page
ADV7482 Datasheet Link to Product Shortform Datasheet
UG-747 Link to UG-747 (ADV7481 Register Control Manual). The ADV7482 is a derivative of the ADV7481. The register controls in this document therefore apply to the ADV7482, except for the controls related to the MHL and SPI functionalities, and related to INTRQ3.
ADV748x_HardwareManual_RevPrB_2014-07-11.pdf   ADV7480/ADV7481/ADV7482 Hardware Manual
ADV748x_Recommended_Settings_PrA_2014-08-20.pdf   ADV7480/ADV7481/ADV7482 Recommended Settings Document     ZIP file of the document above
ADV748x_Eval_Board_UG_RevPrB-26-09-2013.pdf EVAL-ADV748XEBZ Rev. B Evaluation Board User Guide EVAL-ADV748XEBZ Rev. B Evaluation Board Files
adv748xebz-assy_b1.pdf EVAL-ADV748XEBZ Rev. B Evaluation Board Assembly
adv748xebz-mfg_b3.xlsx EVAL-ADV748XEBZ Rev. B Evaluation Board BOM
adv748xebz-pcb_b1.pdf EVAL-ADV748XEBZ Rev. B Evaluation Board Layout
adv748xebz-sch_b2.pdf EVAL-ADV748XEBZ Rev. B Evaluation Board Schematic     ZIP file of the four documents above
ADV7482 Required Settings These are the required I2C writes for the ADV7481 and the ADV7482.