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How can I restore u-boot on EVAL-MELODY-6?

The EVAL-MELODY-6 typically ships with the u-boot bootloader programmed into the BF524 serial flash memory to allow reprogramming the BF524 application binary using u-boot and RS232.


However, if the user happened to receive a board without u-boot or the user accidentally erases the u-boot bootloader, they will need the following in order to restore u-boot:

* JTAG debugger (ADZS-ICE-2000)

* Crosscore Embedded Studio 2.2.0 (or later) and JTAG debugger drivers installed


Here are the steps to restore u-boot:

1. Connect the JTAG debugger to the computer and to J16 (BF JTAG) on the evaluation board.
2. Connect the EVAL-MELODY-6 5V power supply to J17 (POWER IN) on the evaluation board.
3. Download the attached files and extract the following files into a folder:

* CCES_BF524_N25Q032_flash_programmer.dxe

* u-boot-EVAL-MELODY-6_20130701.ldr

* CCES220_program_and_compare.bat

4. Start the batch file called CCES220_program_and_compare.bat.

5.  If program and compare are successful, you should see something like the following:


"C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.2.0\cldp.exe" -proc ADSP-BF524 -emu 2000 -driver CCES_BF524_N25Q032_flash_programmer.dxe -cmd prog -erase affected -format bin -file u-boot-EVAL-MELODY-6_20130701.ldr -cmd compare -format bin -file u-boot-EVAL-MELODY-6_20130701.ldr
Target          Blackfin Emulators/EZ-KIT Lites
Platform        ADSP-BF524 via ICE-2000
Processor       ADSP-BF524
Core            0
Driver          CCES_BF524_N25Q032_flash_programmer.dxe
Program         u-boot-EVAL-MELODY-6_20130701.ldr
..................................... done
Compare to      u-boot-EVAL-MELODY-6_20130701.ldr
...................................... done
Press any key to continue . . .


6. Press the BF524 reset button (SW7) or cycle power. u-boot should output on P5 (RS232) at 115200, 8, N, 1.

7. At the "bfin> " prompt, type "saveenv" to save the environment variables to serial flash memory.

8. At this point, you should be able to follow the instructions in the SDK's flashing guide document to program the BF524 application binary using u-boot and RS232.

Note 1: If you have any questions about the instructions in this FAQ, please create a new thread in the EngineerZone video forum.