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Chip-Set Differences

ADV7511 Vs ADV7511W
    ADV7511W is just the automotive-qualified version of ADV7513.Otherwise its same.Besides the temperature range the major difference between the 7511 and 7511W .


ADV7511 Vs ADV7513


Register differences are extremely minor between adv7511 and adv7513 and migrate as long as the other parts can't do.Note that ADV7511 is a full featured part.

ADV7280 Vs ADV7280A
ADV7280A has the same pin-out as ADV7280 and is software compatible with the ADV7280 with the exception of an updated IDENT code
The only differences between the ADV728x parts and the ADV728xA parts are as follows:  
  a) The crystal circuit    
  b) The silicon revision ID
The ADV728xA parts have been released to offer increased support for external crystal oscillators


    ADV7610/11/12 all use the same die but have different pinouts functionality.  Please check each data sheet for the pinout that matches your requirements.

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