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Explanation of VPP Map Access

By default the VPP map is not accessible on the ADV7280, ADV7280-M. ADV7282, ADV7282-M and ADV7283. The VPP map is used to access the controls for the deinterlacer (I2P block) of these devices.

The I2C slave address for the VPP Map is programmable. It is set by programming the User Map register 0xFD. By default User Map register 0xFD has the value 0x00 and in this state the VPP Map cannot be accessed.

ADI scripts that output interlaced video, do not write to User Map register 0xFD and so leave it at its default 0x00 value. This is because the deinterlacer is not needed.

ADI scripts that output progressive video, do write to User Map register 0xFD and set the value to 0x84. The slave address for writing to  the VPP map is then set to 0x84.

For example to Enable the I2P deinterlacer you would write:

Device Address Register Address Value
0x84 0x55 0x80

To read from the VPP map you use the Device Address 0x85