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How to update ADV8005 OSD data in DDR2 memory?


How can we update the OSD image data in DDR2 memory?


RE: How to update ADV8005 OSD data in DDR2 memory? by Schang:

In blimp, OsdImage component has the loadImageData method to load the raw image data from MCU RAM to DDR2 memory and updates the image dynamically.

BOOL OSD_loadImageData (HOBJ hObj, UINT8 *data, UINT32 h, UINT32 w);

  • The data is raw image data in ARGB888 format, which means a 32-bits data should be {alpha, R, G, B}. And B should be the lowest byte (also supports RGB565, ARGB4444 formats).
  • The width and height must be less than the component width and height.