ADV8003 sync

Q1.  I have 2 SD inputs into the ADV8003 that I want to scale and blend, side by side, and sync them both to a third HD input that is being passed through.  Can the ADV8003 be configured this way?

Q2.  What is the latency of the HD signal being passed through?


  • Hi Daskins,

    Q1) Yes until you hit the last part.  You can't sync them to an external source. This is a feature that is planned for a future part though but it's still under NDA so we can't discuss it on the forum. We would not have any scripts for doing this kind of application though-- it'd be something the customer would need to figure out in any case.

    Q2) Latencies are documented in the hardware guide in section 3.  Some common latencies are given and there is also hardware to measure the latency for an aribtirary configuation-- it's consistent for a given setup.


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