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AD9883A in 3 monochrome camera application

In one of my designs, there are three same industrial cameras, the Spec of which are as below.

1.    White/Black, monochrome;

2.    Analog video output, (Composite format, that is: image video signal plus embedded SYNC  VS and HS);

3.    640x480 pixels, VGA;

4.    Max. frame speed=90, that means Max. pixel clock ~=36Mhz.

5.    Additionally, another circuit other than the cameras can provides SYNC VS and HS, which are exactly synchronized with the cameras.

The purpose of the design is to convert analog video outputs of the three cameras to digital data.

My questions are two as below.

1.    Can ADI AD9883A be used in this design, one piece of AD9883A for one camera? (Or are  there more suitable products for this application?)

2.    Can one piece of AD9883A be used for all three cameras, if set AD9883A in the RGB working mode, and connect three camera’s analog output to the inputs of R, G and B of AD9883A respectively, and connect our additional HS, VS to AD9883A’s HS, VS input pins? (Simply speaking, just let AD9883 work in RGB mode, but actually there are 3 black/white cameras with the additional HS, VS synchronize signals). (Or are there more suitable products that can be for multiple monochrome cameras?)

Thank you very much.