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Eval-ADV7612-7511: Disable ADV7612 for I2C

I have an EVAL-ADV7612-7511 board & I want to jump I2C from another board in order to command the ADV7511. However

my driver board already has an ADV7612 on it and it will conflict with the ADV7612 on the eval board.

The BF524 has an output pin (B7) = PH1 which drives the signal 7612_CSn. Driving this high will disable the eval board ADV7612

in terms of I2C access, basically taking it off the I2c bus. How do I set PH1? I see a command 'rep pinset <n>' where n is 1-8, but

there are more than 8 GPIO pins. Is this used in conjunction with the 'rep port' command?

  • It does have another transmitter, but one that we have not been able to get to cooperate, so, win for

    ADI, we decided to go with the 7511. We may have gotten around the problem another way. We are

    able to hold our HDMI Rx & Tx parts in reset on our board and will use both parts on the eval board.

    The main goal here is to verify as much as possible the hardware hookup for the 7511. We already have

    to do a board spin to drop the other HDMI Tx and put on the 7511. We hope to get it right and not have

    another spin after this one.

  • Sorry for the delay.

    So you have another board with a CPU and an ADV7612. Is that correct?

    Does this other board not have an HDMI transmitter?


  • Ah, yes, that's what I was getting at. If the desired receiver is ADV7612, why not use our ADV7612? That would greatly simplify the signal connections from your board to our board and allow you to focus on controlling the ADV7612/ADV7511 with your CPU.


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