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AD8072 for use in video splitter circuit

Hi there,

First an admission - I'm fairly new to IC circuit design so please accept my apologies in advance for any missing knowledge! I am trying to learn quickly though and I have a good background in Physics so I should be able to pick things up fairly quickly...

I'm trying to build a simple circuit to split one input video signal (composite, PAL) into 4 outputs. I think I should be using a pair of AD8072 Opamps for this but I'm struggling to understand how I can use these in a simple DC circuit where I don't have a negative voltage (I only have +5V and GND). Could someone help or point me in the direction or a more appropriate IC for this application.

BACKGROUND: The project is a radio controlled FPV video diversity system. This system takes two video inputs (from two identical wireless video receivers that sit outside of this circuit) along with the RSSI from each receiver. An arduino compares the strength of the two RSSI values and switches to whichever video feed comes from the receiver with the strongest signal. My video switch will probably only have one output but I need 4 outputs to go to various bits of kit (video goggles, back-up LCD screen, video recorder and laptop video capture card for telemetry overlay), hence why I need a splitter/amplifier - I think!

If anyone has any suggestions for ICs that will do the switching as well as the amplification then that would be great!

Thanks in advance for your help,