ADV7402 standard identification problem

Good evening,

I actually encounter problem with a projector who have an embedded ADV7402.

I fed it with RGBHV (15.734 KHz H 60Hz V) from a video source in very low resolution (320 x 256).

This source works fine in CVBS.

in RGBHV it's like there is a standard identification problem (I guess).

Below the test I performed.

Remove Red and Blue, image all green, ok

Remove Red and Green, blue image with sometime red image.

Remove Blue and Green, red image with sometime blue image.

sometime it seem as red and blue are inverted, (I cross R and B and get my normal colors back at less for a while)

It result as it change standard from RGB to YUV.

How is done the standard identification ?

I could'nt find complete pdf on the website as the product is obsolete.

Thanks for your support.

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