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Can AD9984A be used as replacement for AD9883A?

A customer wants to replace AD9883AKST-110 on existing design as they have a requirement to support 1080p @60Hz RGBHV. They have found AD9984A and would like to know if they could use this device as a replacement as it also supports 1080p. Can you confirm if this is the closest device to the AD9883A that will also support 1080p or are there other devices (ideally with only one input channel)? 

(AD9883A webpage recommends ADV7842 as replacement but this device has a completely different footprint and needs external memory and so does not meet the customers needs).

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    ADV7842 does not require external memory.  It's only needed for 2 functions: time base correction and 3D comb filter. If a customer doesn't use those then they don't need external memory. It would be the better replacement.

    AD9984A will work as well, but support will be limited if they run into issues. That would be the tradeoff to picking it. By limited I mean that evaluation board may not be available and answering questions could take significantly longer.


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