AD723 Colors appear wrong

I am driving an AD723 with the output of a triple RGB DAC which is being driven by the digital RGB outputs of an LCD display driver.  When I ramp the R, G and B outputs with test patterns, I see those colors go from dark to bright as expected.  However, when I set all three to a fixed output I only see grey scale and there is no color, even though I see the voltages that should produce color at the R,G,B inputs of the AD723.  I also see no color modulation on the CV output which says the problem is not with my monitor.  For example, I can program a high 'Red' voltage and will see at the R input a signal that goes close to 1 volt and then blanks to .35 volts with the other two inputs (G,B) staying fixed at .35 volts.  Why would I not see color in this situation?


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