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ADA4411-3 monochrome  analog video input signal

Hello all,

Please let me know your advice about below in the case of input monochrome  analog video input signal to only 1ch.

1:Please let me know which pins of Y1/G1(Pin No3)or Pb1/B1(Pin No5)or Pr1/R1(Pin No7 we should use.

2: Please let me know how to connect not used pin, and resistor value  of pull-down and pull-up.



You can use any one of the three channels for monochrome.

You can terminate teh input with 75 ohms.

Please read the "Theory of Operation" on page 10 of the datasheet to get familiar with the use of the two OFFSET pins.

Also read the section "OUTPUT DCC OFFSET CONTROL" on page 11 of the datasheet for proper settings.



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