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Video out from AD7341


In an old video card I designed I have used the ADV7321 encoder with the ADA4411 video buffer in order to drive two far away monitors.

In my new design I have moved to the ADV7341 encoder due to its industrial temperature span.

I knew ADV7341 can drive by its own these coax cable + 75ohm loads but I prefere to keep a video buffer:

1. To protect the encoder output against unexpected load/ customer behavior.

2. To enable me to disable the video output at all

I need you please to recommend me a video output buffer for my Encoder output.

Best if you can provide as well an application of how to connect it in order to drive the 75ohm load.

I was looking at the application in the ADV7341 datasheet (page 73) using the AD8061.

This is about what I need, but the issue is that I need this buffer with an option to disable its video output !!

(the encoder generates NTSC as default on power up, and sometimes the customer connects a PAL frame graber to my output and if it seens NTSC input it can not recover from this. Only cutting the video at power up until encoder is initialized to PAL solved this issue).


Please suggest ASAP a solution and an application for such a video buffer with a disable control pin.





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