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How to verify the status of decoding of ADV7281-M

I have a requirement wherein CVBS AIN1 of the chip  is driven with NTSC input. I would like to verify the the status of decoding before powering on MIPI i.e. only if the chip is decoding then power on mipi.The cuirrent implementation does not have this feature.

I have queries on checking the status register of ADV7281

  • Iam
    getting confused with the exact values that I need to check in order to verify
    the decoding status of adv7281-M .Till now I have been looking at status1
    register's 0th bit(IN_LOCK) ,1st bit(LOST_LOCK) & 2nd bit(FSC_LOCK) to know
    the status of decoding.I have been assuming that if 0th bit is set then it
    implies that the chip is decoding.Is this correct?If yes, then the status1
    register dump before & after decoding as shown below shows up that always
    0th bit is set.Please
  1. FYI..This is the status register dump

before runningscript for CVBS Auto Detect

status1=0xd status2=0x0 status3=0x69

After running script for CVBS AutoDetect

status1=0x4b status2=0x0 status3=0x2d

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