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ADV7311 replacement

We have been using “ADV7311KST Video Encoder” in one of our product for SD Video Encoding. Our Product supports SD video decoding and encoding.  The decoded video is combined with video overlay information and converted back to analog video by means of the video encoder.  ADV7311 video encoder and the decoder are initialized and configured by STM32 ARM Processor via I2C.          

“ADV7311KST Video Encoder” part being Obsolete we are trying to identify a replacement part which would require minimal re-design. Per Analog Devices’ Product Discontinuance Notice – PDN 11_0125, “ADV7341BSTZ” is recommended as replacement for ADV7311KST. Can you please provide us with your input on what part of the design (Hardware and Firmware) could potentially be impacted due to this non-drop-in part replacement? It would be great if you could please provide us with your assistance to help find best potential replacement part for ADV7311KST.

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