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Questions for ADV7541

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have some questions for your ADV7541.

Your ADV7541 have recommended to use both RX_SENSE and HPD detection for reduce current.
So can we use only HPD detect? And any problems?
Does the output TMDS have the transistor opened-drain?
If the next sink-device(eg.;be put ADV7441A receiver) pull the CLK of TMDS periodical, does any problem comin'?
Also if ADV7541 still output with ignore RX_SENSE detection, then the CLK of TMDS is pull-uped.

Our camera having ADV7541 cannot show the picture when we connect our sink device with ADV7441A.
But when we connect our camera to the monitor directly, then the monitor show the picture no problem.
Why does this trouble comin?

Do you have a good advice for htis case?

Our system as following

No good(cannot show the picture)

camera w/ADV7541----(DVI cable)---sink w/ADV7441A---(VGA cable)---monotor

OK(can show the picture)

camera w/ADV7541----monotor

Thanks Kaos

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