ADV7622/26 EQ Peformance

We planing a HDMI Matrix project. The input/output borad will be daughter board. We would like to calculate what distance can be routed in FR-4 PCB. Since ADV7626/22 is support advative equalization. We can't expect how long PCB trace can be recovery by equalizer.

Could you help to confrim if we want to support 2.25G and 3G in matrix system routing , What is distance limitation for FR-4 layout?

  • Let me check into what the max lengths can be

  • Here's a comment from one of our engineers

    Attached is a snapshot of the SDD21 for Various FR4 Trace Lengths.  The maximum trace length that can be supported is dependent on the EQ Gain @ Max Nyquist rate. For 1080p@60Hz the Nyquist is approximately 1.65GHz. For a 40” inch FR4 channel this translates to an approximate insertion loss of -12dB. I am assuming the EQ on the ADV7626 is tuned to this Nyquist rate. So the EQ Gain of the ADV7626 would need to be approximately 12dB if not greater. I checked the public datasheet and it doesn’t mention the boost setting for the EQ, but if it can compensate for 30m of HDMI cable then I would think that it can handle 40” of FR4.

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