[ADV8005] OSD fails to show on TV

We port ADV8005_VSP_1.81RC1 to an MCU. To replace BF524 on EVAL-AD8005-SMZ board (printed on the silk screen: A0416-2013 REV 0.2, ADV8003 ADVANTIV VIDEO EVALUATION BOARD, the board is equiped with adv7625, adv7842, adv8005.),

1. i2c, spi, and control(reset and others) signals were cut apart from BF524 and connected to the MCU.

2. disconnect IR receiver from BF524 and connect to the MCU so that we can take advantage of SONY remote control, the one shiped in the evaluation kit.

We target at using adv7842 to capture and adv8005 to output. The preliminary tests seem working fine: adv7842 is able to capture video via HDMI and adv8005 is able to get EDID from the screen, do whatever necessary, and output to the TV via HDMI. (Thus, i2c, spi, control signals should be proved OK.)

However, pressing "MENU" key on SONY remote control can't draw OSD on the screen.

In the SPI flash attached to adv8005, we burnt a binary file generated by Blimp 3.6 out of ADV800X OSD\SampleProject\AVR_OSD_DEMO.

We feel clueless because there exist no major errors in the log. Could anybody read my log and suggest directions to debug?