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     I have a question about the test pattern of the ED.

     so, I want to generate a test black bar with YPBPR ,I set the register

0x00     ->     0x1c 

0x01    ->     0x10

0x31    ->     0x05

0x02    ->     0x24

      nothing on the screen,

     and I set the NTSC test black bar

0x00     ->     0x1c 

0x82    ->     0xc9

0x84    ->     0x40

     it is sucessfull

    are there some differents about  ED and SD in the hardware ?

    the DAC1 wave of 'SD'


   the DAC1 WAVE of 'ED'

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  • Hi,

    To generate an SD NTSC black bar test pattern, the settings shown in Table 60 should be used with an additional write of 0x24 to Sub-address 0x02

    For CVBS and S-Video (Y/C) output, 0xCB instead of 0xC9 should be written to Sub-address 0x82.
    For component RGB output rather than YPrPb output, 0 should be written to Sub-address 0x02, Bit 5.


    Note:For use with ED/HD internal test patterns only (Subaddress 0x31, Bit 2 = 1), May i know your input format ?