ADV7626 : Test pin


I will develop the products of two equipped with HDMI.

I will use the ADV7625 and ADV7626 for these products respectively.

I want to develop these two products as a common board design.

I have some questions in relation to this.

Is it possible to use the part of ADV7626  TEST pins with non connection?

The ADV7625 is allocated to the signals enhanced to the NC pins of ADV7626.

I will use only the part of the signal to which these are enhanced.

And, I will not use other enhanced signal pins.

Can I use the AD7625 with non connection for it?

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    on Nov 20, 2014 7:21 PM
    Pin ADV7625 Name ADV7626 Name Connection
    D15 DDC_SDA_RXC TEST6 4.7 to ground
    G12 TEST5 TEST5 float
    G15 DDC_SCL_RXD TEST7 4.7k to ground
    J3 AUD1_IN TEST9 4.7k to ground
    J4 AUD1_IN_SCLK TEST10 4.7k to ground
    J15 DDC_SCL_RXE TEST8 4.7k to ground
    K3 AUD1_IN_LRCLK TEST11 4.7k to ground
    K4 AUD2_IN TEST12 4.7k to ground
    L3 AUD2_IN_SCLK TEST13 4.7 k to ground
    L4 AUD2_IN_LRCLK TEST14 4.7k to ground
    M3 TEST3 TEST3 float
    M4 TEST2 TEST2 float
    P15 HS TEST15 4.7k to ground
    P16 VS TEST16 4.7k to ground
    P17 TEST4 TEST4 float
    P18 TEST1 TEST1 float
    R18 PCLK TEST17 4.7k to ground
    T18 DE TEST18 4.7k to ground

    Is it possible to use the part of ADV7626  TEST pins with non connection?

    I would connect the pins as shown in the connection column.  4.7k pull downs to ADV7625 input pins will not hurt anything.

    If you are not going to us an input on the ADV7625 and the pin is a clock or control signal I would pull it to ground with a 4.7k resistor.