A problem about AD9398


    WE have disign some HDMI TX/RX cards . The old version use ad9889b and ad9398 , and the new version use sil9136-3 and ADV7619 . But now we have some problem when use ad9398 to receive sil9136-3's PAL output . The test result is :

AD9889B ->  ADV7619   OK
AD9889B ->  AD9398    OK
SIL9136 ->  ADV7619   OK
SIL9136 ->  AD9398    error

    The AD9889B and SIL9136 's output both can deplay by monitor and TV very well, So i don't think this problem is with Sil9136.


    we use fpga to debug this problem ,and found that When ad9398 receive ad9889b's PAL output, then CBCR output is two clock cycles delay Y output ,but when receive SIL9136's PAL output, the CBCR is phase align with Y output. The ad9398 clock output is 27Mhz.

    Because of the phase difference , the FPGA interface with ad9398 will confuse which is CB and which is CR.

    Is any one can help me? thanks a lot.