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adv7280m doesn't work at the temperature of -15 centigrade


   i found that adv7280m cann't work on the temperature below -15 centigrade. the detail is as below:

1. the crystal is still working on the -15 centigrade, but the mipi clock has problem, the cpu(omap4) shows that it doesn't receive MIPI HS BYTE CLOCK.

2. if the temperature is decreased from 0 centigrade to -15 centigrade gradually, the cpu(omap4) can receive the mipi hs byte clock on the temperatue of -15 centigrade, but if we stop the video capturing at the time , and restart the adv7280m to capture video, it doesn't work.

   since my scope can only watch the 28.636M signal from crystal, it cann't watch the differential mipi clock signal, so i don't make sure that the mipi clock at -15 centigrade is the same as the one at 0 centigrade.

   so, could any one help me?

   thanks very much.

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