ADV7627 product page and design support files


Firstly, am I blind or is there no link to the ADV7625/6/7 on the main HDMI interface products page?  Looking here:

I don't see any links to those products, just to the older ones like the ADV7623.

Secondly, are there any design support files for the ADV7627?  This link:

ADV7627 Design Support Files

says it will be available "in a few weeks", but that was a year ago.  Is there a hardware manual for this product?  If not in the public domain, is it available after signing an NDA?  And if there aren't any other docs, is it sufficiently similar (aside from the second HDMI out) to the ADV7625 that we can design off the ADV7625's docs?

Thank you very much.