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ADV7341 Subcarrier reset


i am looking to understand, given the ADV7311 has gone EOL, the recommended part going forward to replace this was the ADV7341 as i understand.  One feature which is different between the ADV7311 and the ADV7341 are how the subcarrier reset is handled.  on the ADV7311 there was the RTC_SCR_TR pin which was used for this.  On the ADV7341 i read through some other posts that the subcarrier frequency lock should be used to replace this feature.  Are there more details can be shared on this implementation and how the two approaches are equivalent?


  • RTC_SCR_TR and SFL were designed to handle noisy and poor time base video inputs.

    The RTC_SCR_TR was intended to reset the subcarrier every video line stabilizing jitter.  The SFL pin does much the same thing except it uses digital data generated by an ADI decoder.

    Currently you can use either the ADV7341 or ADV7391 devices to encode video.  You do not need to use the SFL pin if the input clock is stable enough.  Most current clock source meet the requirements.

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