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getting ADV7280 eval brd up

I received an evaluation board for the ADV7280 but I’m having issues with the software associated with it.  I’ve downloaded the required files. I’ve installed the “DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11.exe” just as “ADV7280 installation guide Rev A.pdf” describes. However, when I try and load the board it hangs on loading the ADV7391 encoder.  Can you help?  Currently, it’s  useless brick.  I’ve attached a screenshot of where it hangs.

  • Hello,

    Another customer had a similar issue to you with the ADV7280 evaluation board.


    I think we have narrowed down on this issue.

    There is a known issue where Backup Agents can interfere with the DVP eval latest source when it is trying to install board files. To confirm that this is the issue could you please confirm the following:

    1) Which operating system are you using?

    2) At the bottom of the DVP eval latest source window, there should be a green circle with the words 'board connected' next to it.

        If you see the words 'OK' next to the green circle then it shows that DVP eval latest source is able to detect the      presence of the external evaluation board but it cannot load the ADV7280 board files.

    3)  Can you ensure that you have installed the DVP eval latest source into the 'Documents' folder. Installing DVP eval      latest source in the 'Program Files' directory will cause issues.

    4) Can you go to :

        C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\Documents\Analog Devices\DVP Eval Latest Source 10-14-11\xml\New      Boards\Recent Boards Added\ADV7280_CUST

        This folder should contain:

    •     ADV7280_Cust.XML
    •     ADV7391.xml
    •     board_info.txt
    •     A folder called Scripts

        If any/all of these files/folders are missing then this shows that the DVP eval latest source has been unable to install         the design support files.

    You can fix this issue by:

    1) Disconnect your computer from your company's network. This should prevent the Backup Agent interfering with the  DVP eval latest source.

    2) Right clicking on the DVP eval latest source icon on your desktop. Select Run as Administrator.

    3) Please trying re-installing the ADV7280 support files as described in the "ADV7280 installation guide Rev A.pdf".


    Robert Hinchy

    Applications Engineer,

    Analog Devices Inc.

  • Corrected subject (ADV7820 -> ADV7280).


  • I do believe I'm the "another customer" Rob.Analog mentioned.  I never got mine to work.  It hangs exactly where yours does.  It installed fine on an old XP laptop I have though.  I was tired of fighting with it and now just go back and forth between my XP laptop and my Win7 desktop.  It's a pain but at least I'm moving forward.  Did you ever get yours to work?

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