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[ADV7611] video source connection/disconnection to ADV7611

I want to configure ADV7611 to generate interrupt when video source is connected to HDMI connector.

As TMDS clock will be locked to input clock when video source is connected, so I thought based on TMDS clock lock we can conclude video source is connected or not.

During free run mode also TMDS clock will be locked?

After going through ADV7611 register manual, TMDSPLL_LCK_A_MB1/TMDSPLL_LCK_A_MB2 are used to configure INT1/INT2 for TMDSPLL. In addition to these registers any other registers I have to configure to receive interrupt when TMDS clock locked?

These interrupts are edge triggered or level triggered?

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  • Hi,

      Please refer this thread to know about what sequence need to follow for generating the manual interrupt .



  • Hi ,

    Thanks for sharing reference link.

    In my case I want interrupt to be triggered when dvi cable is connected and disconnected. I didn't find any sequence on configuring interrupt (INT1 pin).

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi,

      Cable connection can be monitor with the CABLE_DET (Using CABLE_DET_A_RAW register, we can know the raw status of port A +5v cable detection interrupt register) or even the TMDS_LOCKED register.  Both of these can be mapped to an interrupt pin.

    RXA_5V pin is tied to and interrupt so cable plug/unplug events can drive interrupts or be polled.
    Latched status for Port A +5V cable detection interrupt signal. Once set this bit will remain high until the interrupt has been cleared via CABLE_DET_A_CLR. This bit is only valid if enabled via corresponding the INT1 or INT2 interrupt mask bit
    0 - CABLE_DET_A_RAW has not changed. Interrupt has not been generated from this register.
    1 - CABLE_DET_A_RAW has changed. Interrupt has been generated from this register.

     Also please note MPU_STIM_INTRQ  - Manual interrupt set control. This feature should be used for test purposes only. Note that the appropriate mask bit must be set to generate an interrupt at the pin.  Please refer section "Interrupt Manual Assertion " in ADV7611 Reference Manual.


    CABLE_DET_x can be used to determine when a cable is plugged in or unplugged, either DVI or HDMI

    TMDSPLL_LCK_x can be used to determine when the receiver has lock onto a video stream, either DVI or HDMI