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ADV7611 impedance + IBIS file

I'm looking for the IBIS file of the ADV7611 to determine the output impedance of the data lines. I already tried the following link but this end in a 404 error page.

The reference designs don't give me clear answers. As example the schematics of the ADV7311 evaluation board are using 75 ohm resistors and 75 ohm traces for the data lines. In other reference designs the are using 22 Ohm or 33 Ohm resistors. I would like to see which value is mentioned in the IBIS file.

I want to use 33 Ohm resistors for the datalines because I also want to use the ADV7180 on the same data bus (not simultaneously of coarse, one of the devices will be in tri-state). The ADV7180 has a typical impedance of 35 ohm.

Please help.