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Color bars are observed on  monitor/TV, when ADV7194 is configured for square pixel mode operation.


Me and my team working on multi sensor cameras. we used ADV 7194 as DAC. We configured it for mode 2 slave operation for PAL (576 lines * 720 pixels active output) with 27Mhz clock and image is fine on monitor/TV.

We observed that objects along vertical direction is compressed ( as circle looks like ellipse and square as rectangle). So we configured it to Square pixel mode with clock frequency 29.5Mhz and object dimensions seems fine. But for square pixel mode of operation we are observing color vertical bars on the monitor/TV and color information in the picture is lost ( image appears as grey scale and on top of that color vertical bars).


1) Why object dimensions are not proper in normal mode of operation (clock frequency 27Mhz)?

2) Why Color bars are appearing on monitor/TV when ADV 7194 is configured for Square Pixel mode of operation (Clock frequency 29.5Mhz)?

Please help me in this regards. Here I am attaching configured registers. Let me know anything I missed for the configuration.
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