What EEC error in HDMI-rx devices?

Hi all.

I have questions about meaning and behavior of "PACKET_ERROR_RAW" bit  of HDMI-rx devices.

a) EEC or would typo of ECC?

In the device group of software manuals listed below,

map  address[bit]  devices

IO      0x7E[2]        ADV7610/ADV7611/ADV7612/ADV7619/ADV7622/ADV7630

IO      0x6B[2]        ADV7625/ADV7626/ADV7627/ADV77842/ADV77844

The "EEC" is described in the PACKET_ERROR_RAW, Is typo of "ECC parity" represented by the "5.3Data Island Packet Definitions" in the HDMI specification?

(Error check target packet is listed in ”Table 5-8 Paket Types”?)

(b) Behavior of "PACKET_ERROR RAW"

PACKET_ERROR RAW is RAW status bit,

is automatically cleared when it receives a new correct packet.

Is it correct?

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