ADV3002 in KVM

I am trying to design an advanced KVM and the ADV3002 looks very interesting except for the 1920x1080 limitation.

In a previous app note I saw mention of using 2 AD8191's to achieve dual link for higher resolutions. Id like to know if the ADV3002 can be doubled up the same way. I am trying to design a smarter KVM that would allow both dual monitor and single monitor switching.

Is there a better IC to use to add the additional TDMS channels without duplicating the EDID circuits?

  • Hi Hank,

    Unfortunately, the ADV3002 does not support the dual-mode and single-mode switching functions of the AD8191. The ADV3002 is the only HDMI switch in the ADI portfolio that offers EDID replication.

    ADI does provide digital crosspoints that can support TMDS only switching that can support 1920x1080 @ 60Hz 12-bt deep color uncompressed video resolutions, but these products will not support DDC (Aux) switching or any aspect of the HDMI protocol (i.e EDID replication). If this is sufficient solution to pursue then I would recommend reviewing the ADN4600 (4.25Gbps 8x8 Switch) and ADN4604 (4.25 Gbps 16x16 switch) products.



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