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adv7343 problem

hi i am using the adv7343 with fpga and adv7180 in order to transform pal to ntsc in real time. the adv7180 is part of my altera board (de2 115 cyclon 4E) and i have no problems with it. the adv7343 i bought separately and i have assembled it on my own with the tools and parts I had. I followed the circuit in the adv7343 datasheet as close as i could ,i attached the scheme with the exact values i used in my circuit.

the problem i am having is with the i2c, the component is not reacting well. it gives ack when it doesn't need to give one like when i send to address 0x50 data and it doesn't give a NACK

so my problem is that i don't know if the component is good or is it a problem with my circuit.

in addition i used an oscillator to generate the 27MHz freq and this is the clock:

the i2c writes i'm using is:



0x5682CB  \\ i am using cbvs on DAC1

thanks a lot