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Synchronization signals for ADV7120 & ADV7125

Hi all,

I want to develop one VGA interface.

My input is 24-bit parallel RGB data, HSYNC & VSYNC.

My output is VGA (Analog RGB data, HSYNC & VSYNC) on a standard DE-15 VGA connector.

My question is:

If I use any of the 2 encoders (ADV7120 or ADV7125) to convert the digital RGB inputs to analog RGB outputs,

will there be any problem if I do not provide the sync signals (HSYNC & VSYNC) to any of these encoders & directly

pass the sync signals (HSYNC & VSYNC) to the VGA connector ??

Will such a system work??

The output wave forms are not dependent on BLANK or SYNC.  BLANK and SYNC are just injected into the DAC outputs.  Just watch the output amplitude to match the VGA input requirements.

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