(ADV7390/ADV7391)Can I replace ADV7391 to ADV7390?

Hi !

One of my customers are thinking to use ADV7390.

They are using ADV7390 with other project so they want to merge the device.

They were designing the unit with ADV7391 first but they are thinking to replace to ADV7390.

And I have few question about this.

They won't use Macrovision.

So they want to replace ADV7391 to ADV7390 easily.

=>less Man-hour , less time ...


The pin layout is same so can they replace ADV7391 to ADV7390 easily(without changing software)?


I think they should evaluate the system with ADV7390 but can they replace the device without evaluate?

Can you give me some advise about this?

Best regards.