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Using both channels of AD9974

Dear Sirs and Madams,

          I intend to use two AD9974 for a image sensor(SONY,ICX694). The sensor has four outputs, which means both channels of AD9974 have to be used. However,when I measured the four sets of H-clock pins outputs of AD9974 without the load of sensor, I found one set of H-clock worked unproperly,swing from -75mV to 622mV. The rest of 3 sets signals produced -1.7V to 5V swing(this may caused by the oscilloscope),which means the signals were correctly.The configuration of the two AD9974 was all the same, and the power supply voltages were correct.

          I wonder why the 4 sets of the H-clock signals were different? What can I do to correct this problem?


          Thank you in advance.


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