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ADV3002 EDID question

Dear Sir.

We have Projector Project used ADV3002 and using external EDID EEPROM before ADV3002 on each DDCI2C(A.B.C.D). we need to know Is this architecture is ok or not? We Do not use the IC internal RAM.

  • Hi,

    The EDID replication feature was intended for applications where the ADV3002 is integrated in an HDMI sink or as a port expander in front of an HDMI Rx device where there is no other EDID on the DDC bus.

    Is the ADV3002 going to be integrated into the projector (sink) ? Can you please provide more information on how you plan to use the product in your system?



  • Dear Jarrod.

    Please kindly reference on below about ADV3002 in Projector BD. Please let us know is OK or not. We don't need use ADV3002 internal EDID RAM. Thanks for Help.

  • Hi AJ,

    Thank you for the clarification. Apologies for the confusion on my end.

    If you want to use the traditional EDID EEPROM's on each port of the HDMI Multiplexer and not take advantage of the internal EDID SRAM of the ADV3002, then I would suggest using the AD8197B multiplexer that we offer instead. This is a traditional 4:1 mux that supports the same video resolutions as the ADV3002, but does not have the EDID replicator. I suggest this as an alternative as the ADV3002 EDID replicator will interfere with the traditional design architecture you are using and may cause bus contention. Pricing of the product should be similar and you can contact ADI sales for a formal quote.